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Analysing software
TachoDrive PLUS
  TACHOMATT Yellow - singular occasional services  
  Singular occasional services has been added in the analysing driver working time algorithm. According to PE and Council Regulation (EC) 1073/2009, the driver then has the possibility to postpone the weekly resting for up to twelve 24-hours periods. To make the analysing algorithm take into account such service, one needs to define its duration. It can be done in the Drivers folder in new Occasional service tab or directly in the Analysis-Driver window.  
  TACHOMATT Yellow - multi-entity version  
  After purchasing a proper license and entering an activation code (CODE 11), one can start the software in a multi-entity version. The version enables creating many independent entities/companies to enter and analyse the data seperately for each entity. This version is mainly directed to Customers who provide services of calculating drivers working time.  
  Gold for MATT Company  
During the Automotive Technology Fair (TTM), which were held on 07-10 of May 2009, MATT company was honoured the main International Poznan Fair Prize - Gold for the best product, TachoDrive3 device.
  Innovation in MATT products - Hardware Anti-virus Protection in TachoDrive devices.  

As the first and only company on the market, MATT has introduced a Hardware Anti-virus Protection  in its TachoDrive devices.
Once again, it proves the leading role of our company as far as design and manufacture of electronics for automotive market is concerned.


  TachoDrive2 TERMINAL on sale  
  Device for mounting in the drivers room.

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