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TachoDrive2 firmware 3.02 for HW 2.20   [ 0.14 MB]
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In order to update the TachoDrive2 firmware to its latest version one needs to do the following:

  1. Connect the TachoDrive2 device to USB port of the PC.
  2. Start the TD Configurator application.
  3. Check the the current firmware version (FW) of the TachoDrive2 in the TD Configurator window. This procedure concerns updating devices that are already equipped with firmware version 3.00 or later. Updating devices with older firmware version than 3.00 can be only done using the TD Configurator.
  4. Check the current hardware version (HW) of the TachoDrive2 in the TD Configurator window. Hardware version number can also be read from the label located on the device.
  5. Download the appropriate firmware by clicking one of the above given links.
  6. Copy the downloaded file to the TachoDrive2 main folder.
  7. Disconnect the TachoDrive2 from the USB port of PC.
  8. Connect it again to the PC. The device will update the firmware automaticaly. It will take couple of seconds and will be signalled with alternately flashing leds: informative and transmission status. One cannot disconnect the devcie from the PC during the update process.
  9. The TachoDrive2 device will be visible in PC and TD Configurator back again after the update is finished.

TACHOMATT Yellow Light 2.9 SP11   [33.98 MB]
download now

This free version of the TACHOMATT Yellow software allows to configure TachoDrive devices, archiving the digital data and its simple analysis. This installer also enables to update the older version TACHOMATT Yellow Light.

WARNING 1: The TACHOMATT Yellow Light is replacing the TachoDrive Express application which will not be developed anymore.

WARNING 2: Customer support for the TACHOMATT Yellow Light software is not available. You can purchase/upgrade your software to any commercial version which also includes a 12-month customer support.

Manual   [ 0.00 MB]
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Detailed informations   [ 1.55 MB]
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Flash codes   [ 0.21 MB]
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TD2 Standard and TD2 Terminal comparison   [ 0.36 MB]
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VB.AQT Killer   [ 0.03 MB]
download now

The software detects and removes the not serious trojan horse VB.AQT.
This trojan horse spreads on the flash memories, meaning TachoDrive as well. Users equipped with anty-virus software does not have to worry about the trojan horse - it is detected and destroyed by such software.

TD Configurator   [ 7.97 MB]
download now

Tool designed only for configuring and updating the firmware of TachoDrive, TachoDrive PLUS and TachoDrive2 keys.
The installation is not necessary.

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