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    Current version:
  • TACHOMATT Yellow:
  • TACHOMATT Yellow Light: 2.9 SP11

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20. What activities should I do after I have changed the Vehicle Registration Number?

19. Why can not I install SP4 for TACHOMATT Yellow 2.9?

18. How do I configure the backup options in order to save the backup on a different PC?

17. Why does the TACHOMATT Yellow indicate an incorrect digital signature for the downloaded files from digital tachograph using the TachoDrive key or TachoDrive2 tool?

16. What should I do if the TACHOMATT Yellow Express SE asks for entering the module code CODE6 after some period of time?

15. The message "no connection do database found" is being displayed while trying to run the application. What to do?

14. The error no 1802 appears during the installation and when starting the application for the first time, an error 1053 appears as well. What should I do?

13. What's new in the released versions of TACHOMATT Yellow software?

12. Why do I get a "wrong update code" message in the TACHOMATT Yellow update installator?

11. What can be the reason of the - Error 1603 Fatal error during installation - during the TACHOMATT Yellow installation?

10. I receive an error message - the following activities are overlying and cannot be saved to the database - while trying to save a new chart to the database. What is the reason?

9. How can I backup my database?

8. Why there is a "backup folder not set - back up will not be done" message always appear when I close the application?

7. Why can't I see the vehicle equipped with a digital tachograph, that I have just loaded the data from, in the vehicles catalogue?

6. Why can't I see the driver whose card I have just loaded?

5. How can I check the software version?

4. How long and with what restrictions can I use TACHOMATT Yellow in a demo version?

3. I have installed the software, where can I get the maincode from?

2. How should I log in right after the installation?

1. I have a problem with installing the software. What should I do?

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