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    Current version:
  • TachoDrive firmware:
  • TachoDrive PLUS firmware:
  • TACHOMATT Yellow Light: 2.9 SP11
  • TD Configurator:
  • TachoDrive Express: (will not be developed)

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18. How can I install the TachoDrive key on a PC with Windows 98?

17. What to do if there is a problem during TachoDrive updating in Windows7?

16. After updating firmware to 2.68 version, while downloading data from tachograph only L1 diode lights and the tachograph displays "Transmission error. Error 12" message  

15. What can be the reason of error no 5: tachograph is not responding?

14. The application asks for the drivers during the firmware update. Where can I download it from?

13. What do I use the jumper included with the key for?

12. How can I format the TachoDrive memory?

11. How can I check the firmware version installed on the TD or TD2 device?

10. What does an error code no 8, 9 or 10 mean in the TachoDrive Express?

9. I get a "AN error occured while trying to change the current file..." error message while updating the TachoDrive Express. What is the reason?

8. What is the firmware and why should I update it?

7. How can I check the version of the installed TachoDrive Express application?

6. What does the green fields in the calendar in TACHOMATT Yellow and TachoDrive Express catalogues mean?

5. What does the down arrow in the calendar in catalogues of TACHOMATT Yellow and TachoDrive Express mean?

4. I have configured the TD key or TD2 tool to download the data from the last download but after downloading and entering the data to the TACHOMATT Yellow or TachoDrive Express, all the calendar download fields are white. Why?

3. While downloading the data from the tachograph, one of the LEDs is red while the other flashes. What does it mean?


There is a green LED on the TachoDrive key while downloading the data from the tachograph while the tachograph displays - Transmission Error. Error 12. - message. What is the problem?

  • the user is trying to download data including days that the tachograph did not record any activities. One should confirm the message on the tachograph and wait until the data download is finished;
  • a given tachograph model does not support the fastest possible data download speed, so called TURBO mode. One should do the following:
    • download the TD COnfigurator in version or higher from the "Download" section
    • using the TD COnfigurator, update the key firmware to the following version:
      • min. 2.79 for TachoDrive and TachoDrive PLUS,
      • min. 3.00 for TachoDrive2
      • min. 1.24 for TachoDrive3
    • additionaly turn the "TURBO mode" off in the configuration window of TachoDrive and TachoDrive PLUS;

WARNING! Turning the Turbo mode off in TachoDrive and TachoDrive PLUS will disable this function even for tachographs that do support such function and therefore will increase the data download time. The updated TD2 and TD3 devices will automaticaly switch between TURBO and normal mode depending on the tachograph type.

  • while downloading data, an error appears on the tachograph and TachoDrive signals the download error. In such case, one should check the type of error in the codes table and remove its cause.

 The displayed "Transmission error 12" message on the tachograph can be eliminated by confirming it with the OK button on the tachograph.

1. What tools can I use to configure the TD key or TD2 tool to download a specific type of data?

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