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Storing and analysing the data from charts, driver cards and digital tachographs!

Complex service of data from the analogue and digital tachographs in one software!

The algorithm used in the program is based on Regulation (EC) No 561/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council

Tachomatt Yellow is a modern computer software that supports storing the information about the driver and vehicle activities in companies. Based on the entered data and binding regulations, the software analyzes the driver working time and related offences.

The full version of the software includes card reader and the TachoDrive key!

Software adventages

  • Data loading from charts, driver cards and digital tachographs
  • Memos reminding about necessary activities such as downloading the data from card and tachograph
  • Analogue data analysis 
  • Possibility to enter the data manualy
  • Cooperation with external devices: scanners, card readers, devices for downloading the data from digital tachographs (TachoDrive key among them)
  • Drivers, vehicles and entered data catalogues,
  • Drivers working cards and working time summaries, 
  • Graphic and tabular analysis of the driver activities and data from the digital tachographs (detailed diagrams of all activities).
  • Working time summaries
  • Possibility to graphically compare the data from the driver card and the digital tachograph,
  • Working time offences reports (compliant with binding regulations)
  • Detailed speed analysis
  • Possibility to print a number of reports (with daily and weekly driver activities, regulation offences, working time settlements and annual working cards among them)
  • Possibility to export the data into external files and spreadsheets
  • Automatic data archive

Software versions

The software is available in two distributive versions:


Fully functional version of the software allowing to store and analyse the data from both the digital and analgue tachographs. It is possible to analyse graphically the gathered data and printing a number of reports. The purchased licence, depending on the needs, can contain a chosen number of vehicles and modules(analogue, digital or both at the same time).

TACHOMATT Yellow Express

This software version is equipped with a basic functionality of handling the digital tachographs:

  • downloading and storing the data from driver cards and digital tachographs
  • drivers and vehicles catalogues
  • tabular listing of driver activities
  • detailed, graphic analysis of the vehicle speed
  • possibility to export the data into external files and spreadsheets

Minimal system requirements

  • CPU Pentium III 800 MHz,
  • RAM - 256 MB,
  • hard drive - 40 GB,
  • CD-ROM,
  • USB port,
  • SVGA graphic card with 1024x768 resolution.
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